Near Zero

Eliminate the packing stress and experience the adrenaline rush of affordable, lightweight backpacking gear.

Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO

Why Near Zero?

Affordable, Lightweight Backpacking Gear for the Whole Family
Near Zero’s mission is to help families and individuals take a load off as they connect with nature and with each other, by providing a selection of ultra-lightweight, high-quality, and affordable backpacking gear.

Let’s get you ready for your next adventure!

Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO

From feather-light sleeping bags to ultra-light tents, we’ll help outfit you for the perfect backpacking trip. Whether it’s the annual hunting week with family, a technical trekking trip with friends, or a solo backpacking weekend to get away from it all, Near Zero is your one-stop shop for lightweight, affordable tents, sleeping bags, pads, and other equipment.


Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO

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Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO
Near Zero Outdoor Gear Ultralight Shovel


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Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO

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