3P Footprint/Ground Tarp for 3 Person Tent

3P Footprint/Ground Tarp for 3 Person Tent


3P Footprint/Ground Tarp for DynaLite 3 Person Tent – Ultralight 20D Ripstop Nylon – 90″ (L) x 70″ (W)

3P Tent Footprint

Near-Zero 3P Tent Footprint/Ground Tarp, for Near Zero (NZO), Dynalite 3 person tent.

The total weight with provided carrying bag is 9 oz. Material is 20D ripstop nylon, with silicone.

Dimensions are 90″ (228cm) x 70″ (178cm).

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in

2 reviews for 3P Footprint/Ground Tarp for 3 Person Tent

  1. Kevin Calhoun

    I purchased this item for a winter course at my local community college. We were to head out on a day hike, then go through a survival situation in which we needed to create a shelter, build a fire, and survive the night. Conditions in the area got to about 5 degrees Fahrenheit overnight, so a good shelter vs a bad shelter could easily make a massive difference. This item was advertised as a ground sheet for a tent, however it looked like a perfect option for a super lightweight tarp that would take next to no room in the pack. I utilized this as a tarp next to a more reflective material, and it certainly did the job! With how lightweight the item is, i figured it would not be as sturdy as others, however during my time processing firewood I had a quite large log fall onto this tarp, and there is no damage visible whatsoever. Additionally, it held up perfectly near a fire all night, and besides the smell there is no evidence of such event. Would absolutely buy this item again!

  2. Bob


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