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Eliminate the packing stress and experience the adrenaline rush of affordable, lightweight backpacking gear.

Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO

Why Near Zero?

Affordable, Lightweight Backpacking Gear for the Whole Family
Don’t let your old, heavy backpack weigh you down. Instead get your hands on the most affordable range of ultra-lightweight backpacking gear from Near Zero for your next adventure. Compared to the typical expensive, high-end brands, Near Zero removes the hurdle of price by bringing you the highest quality of ultra-light camping, hunting, survival and backpacking gear for affordable prices.

Say goodbye to the pre-adventure packing stress. Reduce your backpack weight to a minimum. Experience the outdoors in simple, lightweight luxury.

Let’s get you ready for your next adventure!

Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO

From feather-light sleeping bags to ultra-light tents, we’ll help outfit you for the perfect backpacking trip. Whether it’s the annual hunting week with family, a technical trekking trip with friends, or a solo backpacking weekend to get away from it all, Near Zero is your one-stop shop for lightweight, affordable tents, sleeping bags, pads, and other equipment.


Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO

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Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO
Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO


Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO

Who wants to spend all their time shopping and stressing about overpriced gear?

Explore our simple catalog and see how easily you can stock up on the essentials. 


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Lightweight Backpacking Gear | NEAR ZERO
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