Camping with Families

camping world locationsCamping with Families

Near Zero gear has opened a whole world of camping for families! Now you can finally go backpacking with young kids, and they actually enjoy camping! They feel more independent, carrying all of their own gear…and the best part is that you no longer have to carry a 40+ pound family pack! Your children can now reasonably carry their own gear, and your pack weight has been cut nearly in half. Yes, even your 2-5-year-old kids can carry their own sleeping bag, pad, pillow, chair, and clothes in their own pack, and all of it only weighs 4 pounds!!!

For many years I felt restricted car camping because of bulky gear with my family of 5 kids. Now, finally, I feel like we can go camping to places where nobody else is, and my kids enjoy nature so much more. Ultra-Lightweight gear has allowed our family to go places where we previously could not reasonably go as a family!



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