About NEAR ZERO | ultralight backpacking gear

About NEAR ZERO | ultralight backpacking gear

Welcome to Near Zero, home to ultra-lightweight, high-quality, and affordable, camping gear that allows adventurists to take a load off. Scott Jensen established Near Zero in pursuit of his American dream: to own a business that would help others enjoy nature as much as he does.

Scott’s love for the outdoors stems from fond memories spending countless nights under the stars as a Boy Scout, as well as adventuring with his five brothers and their father, Dean. Dean, an avid outdoorsman and backpacker, was not only known to religiously weigh each piece of gear before an outing but also to hike a mile from his home for an impromptu overnighter in the Arizona desert, just to test out new gear. 

As Scott continued his father’s legacy of exploring the outdoors with his own five kids, he saw the need in the outdoor space for ultra-light gear that was not only light on his back but also easy on a budget. So often in the outdoor industry, the less a product weighs, the more it’ll cost. And that cost can be steep. The expense of ultra-light gear prevents many would-be adventurists from experiencing the rush of backpacking into remote settings.  

No one should be sidelined from adventuring outdoors.

Near Zero was born. Near Zero gear is easily half the price of comparable brands, all while maintaining the highest quality and a weight as near to zero as possible. 

Near Zero packs are so light that everyone in the family from independent toddlers to adventurous retirees and beyond can easily carry their own gear and get into nature.

Because Near Zero gear is engineered to be as close to zero as possible, carry distance isn’t an obstacle. So go far into nature and find healing. Seek out the calm from the chaos of daily demands. 

Break from the burden of family pressures and fortify your family’s peace. Find serenity in a new setting far from the campground and city lights. Go deep into the outdoors and be free of devices to truly connect, interact, and unite with family and friends. Silence daily demands and savor the solitude only nature can provide.

Take a load off. Go Near Zero.

About NEAR ZERO | ultralight backpacking gear


The most reasonably priced, top-quality ultralight gear available.

Near Zero specializes in affordable, ultralight outdoor gear that allows adventurists of all ages to conveniently hike and camp. Our focus is to provide a simple selection of essential high-quality products, at near-zero weight, enabling you to minimally venture further into outdoor serenity.

Near Zero was inspired through decades of camping experiences, our love for the outdoors and our passion to outfit others with affordable, lightweight gear, that helps you take a load off. 

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